Incredibly Expensive Sneakers

It would seem as though the market for sneakers is overtaking the top place on the shoe mantle. For a long time a pricey high heel was a notable way of showing off, but with more and more expensive sneakers getting massive exposure online, as well as being unisex, a high top is in some cases now more desirable than a high heel.

Just take a look at a few of these choice cuts and the price tags that come with them.

Air Yeezy 2
nike-air-yeezy-2-red-october1This shoe was a collaborative piece between Nike and rapper Kanye West.

It might not seem like an Earth shattering design, but upon release the average price for a pair of these was around $5 000 on eBay.

Even today a clean enough pair can go for a thousand or two on the auction site.






Nike Air Mag

Describing a sneaker as ‘earthy’ might seem a bit out of place, but the muted colours and stony look of these shoes make for an interesting talking point.

Pairs of the shoe are so sought after that they have an average price of $37 000, due in part to the fact they are modelled after the pair worn by Michael J Fox in Back To The Future.




Puma Sharkbait
sharkbait-packagePackaging shoes like they’re a prized procession that should be held in a bank safe is just one of the many features the Puma Sharkbait had.

Each pair came with an exclusive hat, spare sole, numbered magazine and phone holder.

Going for roughly $900, they mightn’t have the same longevity other high end sneakers have, but they still manage to pack a punch in the wallet.



Marc By Marc Jacobs Sneakers
marc jacobs sneaker heelsIt might leans¬†uncomfortably towards looking more than a child’s shoe than a high-end designer sneaker, but these heel sneakers from Marc Jacobs were designed to be an upmarket version of the popular design that cropped up on the high street in 2013.

A pair of these would cost roughly $350 and judging by the mix of coloured leather and white stitching, they’d be a chore to keep clean.