Know Your Foot Type

Shoes of the same size can fit people differently because not all feet are created equal. Figuring out what type of foot you have, how it sits, what way it bends and other littleĀ features play a large part in determining what shoes you should buy.

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The first place you should consider actually figure out what shoe you need is with running and gym shoes. When exercising, having the right posture and control over your balance if essential. Simply going in to a store and buying the best looking pair you find won’t do much good if it causes your feet damage in the long term. Take a look at this handy guide to see which type of running shoe best suits your foot.

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There are a few easy test you can carry out to see which type of food from those listed above you have.

To see what type of arch you have, all you need is water and a page. Wet your food, press down on a page, take your food off and you’ll instantly be able to see what type of arch you have from the imprint it leaves.

To see how your legs align, get a long piece of string. Stand facing away from a mirror where you can see your legs. Hold a piece of string from the top of your leg (under the buttock) to the bottom. Compare what way your legs appear to lean from the straight line the string has created.

Simple tests like this can drastically improve everything form how well you can exercise and run, to your posture and wellbring.